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Pay Per Click

Search advertising, also called pay per click (PPC) gives us the ability to bid on important keywords and appear alongside the search results for those keywords. When used in the right circumstances it can be a powerful tool for marketing your business. 

Local SEO

When Google detects that a search query is looking for a location or something nearby, it uses different factors than those used in general search. If our goal is to attract visitors to a particular location, we use local SEO techniques.

Off Page SEO

Google, and other search engines, don’t look just at what is on a web page to rank it against other websites. They also look at links from other websites, considering both the importance of the other sites and the reason they have for providing the link. Our service reaches out to websites and bloggers who can link to our content and provide pagerank authority.



An audit is a thorough look at all the technical factors that affect how your content is ranked by all the search engines. We conduct a complete review and provide a set of recommendations that will correct any deficiencies that may be costing you search traffic as well as provide new opportunities for optimization.

Organic SEO

We work with clients to understand who their target audiences are, what they are looking for, what search phrases they might be using, and what content can be created and configured in order to produce the best results. The term organic describes our philosophy which is to focus on what search engines want instead of trying to trick them.

Digital Analytics

Digital analytics allows you to track the success of your SEO efforts and other campaigns. The goal is to enable continuous improvement in your relationship with your online audiences. We will set up your analytics so that you receive intelligible reports on your key metrics and we will review them regularly in order to provide actionable recommendations.

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What else do we provide?

Social Media Strategy

We develop strategies that allow our clients to create ongoing relationships with their important audiences. We base our approach on the preferences, capabilities, and business objectives of our clients.

Content Creation

We write content that is optimized for web users and specifically tailored to the readers targeted by the client. We produce excellent content in both English and Spanish. We also produce graphic and video content.

Web Design

We work with designers and developers to create websites that are designed to provide the basis for effective web content strategy.

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“I worked closely with Dan Jeffers for more than two years on digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) projects. He was well respected by our clients and provided recommendations that increased community size and engagement while achieving top search engine rankings.”

Deborah Ager Storytelling Content Consultant, Radiant Media Labs, LLC

My company has worked with Dan on several SEO, online content strategy and digital advertising projects. Dan is extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. He will always go the extra mile to make sure that my team truly understands his recommendations and is able to implement them effectively.

Olivia C. Boyce Marketing Communications Manager / Insight Telepsychiatry

About us

We provide SEO services to clients in washington DC and Medellin, Colombia. We can also work online with english and spanish speaking clients from anywhere. Our clients are nonprofits as well as medium and large business. Our philosophy is that organic SEO is not only a more ethical choice but is also more effective in the long run and has lower risks for the clients. We have been in the business over seventeen years. We have worked for governments agencies, health providers, private companies, nonprofits and banks. We have adjusted through many changes in algorithms by search engines. As part of our search engine process we have also branched out to other types of internet marketing including social media, website design, content creation and email marketing, if you are interested you can learn more at chessandcoffee.co.

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