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Web Content Strategy Series

Web content strategy is the most basic offering at Bolt Digital Strategies. Over the last couple months, we devoted the newsletter entirely to the topic, doing a seven part series. Here is an overview of the series, with links to archived copies of the newsletter. 

Overview: What is Web Content Strategy good for?

Should You Build Your Own Website?

The New York Times personal technology section just did a quick round-up of platforms people use to create free websites. The article is a good resource, though it doesn't include a couple of the standard platforms such as that I think can be very useful. The real question is when you should do this and when you need to bring in a developer.

National Civic Day of Hacking

This past weekend, we formed a team that included Sean Perkins, of Mobility Labs, and Arielle Baker to accept the challenge that was issued by the Department of Labor: help women veterans connect with employment resources.

Superstitions and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the art of satisfying the preferences of search engines. The trick is that we don’t exactly know what they want. We know some, can figure out some, but a lot of it is guesswork. So it’s natural that superstitions arise.

Like superstitions in general, SEO superstitions divide into several categories. These include:

Brace Yourselves, Summer is Coming: The Risk of Black Hat SEO

The search engine optimization community has long been divided into two groups: white hat and black hat practitioners. Basically, what hat SEO optimizes content by trying to give search engines what they want, while black hat SEO attempts to fool search engines in order to get higher rankings for content that doesn't quite match the actual searches. For my longer take on black hat SEO, read this.


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