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Launching a New Website: Mobility Labs

Mobility Labs is both a client and a partner. We've been working together on a web content strategy, culminating in the recent launch of the re-designed website. The new website exemplifies a considered approach to web content strategy in several important ways. First, it identifies the key visitors, and focuses specifically on letting them accomplish their most important goals easily. A potential client who is coming to this site needs to quickly evaluate whether Mobility Labs is a good match.

Top Level Domains and Country Codes: Too Clever by Half

There are a number of ways to go wrong picking a domain name. One common notion is that we can get a domain name for some other country and use the letters in a clever way. Skipping over the way this marginalizes the country that owns the country code, it can raise problems when asking Google to geo-target results through webmaster tools. The presumption, when using a country code, is that content is already targeted at people living in that country. Google is going to give that content a higher degree of relevancy for that location, but not for anywhere else.

What We've Been Up To: Helping Women Veterans Reconnect

This video explains the project we've been working on, reconnecting women veterans to employment resources. The project sprang from the National Civic Day of Hacking challenge posted by the Department of Labor:

How Much is the Number One Spot on Google Worth?

According to this recent survey by Chikita, 32.5% of users click on the #1 search result. The #2 result gets only 17.6%, while the #10 spot, lowest on the first page, gets only 2.4%. Going to page 2, the situation drops rapidly, with only 1% of visitors selecting that #1 spot on the second page.

Should You Build Your Own Website?

The New York Times personal technology section just did a quick round-up of platforms people use to create free websites. The article is a good resource, though it doesn't include a couple of the standard platforms such as that I think can be very useful. The real question is when you should do this and when you need to bring in a developer.

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