Organic SEO is the Best, Except When Paid is Better

1 Organic SEO is the Best, Except When Paid is Better by: Dan Jeffers I have been in the search engine optimization (SEO) world for 15 years now. I really believe that ranking high organically is a great goal for a business. But there are times we strongly recommend either supplementing SEO with pay per […]

Reaching Through Facebook

1 Reaching Through Facebook by: Dan Jeffers Why Facebook? Why should you invest time and money in Facebook? Always start with the goals and the audience. The easy answer is that everybody uses Facebook. Maybe not everyone, but most of your target audience. Not only are they using Facebook, they are spending a lot of […]

What is SEO (Search engine optimization)?

1 What is SEO (Search engine optimization)? by: Dan Jeffers Search engines attempt to find the best content to answer the questions posed by their users. Search engine optimization (SEO) is our attempt to make our content into the best answer so that search engines will offer it up first. The goal of search engine […]

Search Engine Optimization for your Physical Location (Local SEO)

1 Search Engine Optimization for your Physical Location (Local SEO) by: Dan Jeffers Just because you want people to come to your physical location doesn’t mean search engine optimization isn’t important. It does mean that it’s different, however. Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a specialized approach. You can still do it yourself, just follow […]

Social Media Skills in the Workplace

1 Social Media Skills in the Workplace by: Dan Jeffers Social media was once a little thing. Not that long ago, really. Most companies ignored it. Those who wanted to be innovative usually handed their social media over to someone who was an enthusiast, or sometimes to an intern. Now 90% of businesses are in […]

WordPress for Business

1 There is no better time to build your website and be there for your potential clients by: Dan Jeffers Why you need online presence  An online presence is a way to reach and communicate with people who are searching online. Now that people make most of their decisions online, any business without a presence […]

Digital Marketing Makes You Money

1 Digital Marketing Makes You Money by: Dan Jeffers Digital marketing, it costs money but you know, as a small business, that you should spend it. A good business owner invests in the website, search engine optimization, and social media. You’re a good business owner, but you also have a lot of things you calling […]

WordPress Plugin Overview

1 What are wordpress plugins? by: Dan Jeffers A plugin is a simple way to add specific functions to the website. It is a piece of code that can be added through the admin interface, making it easy for non-coders to tailor the WordPress website to their needs. Plugins are created by developers across the […]

Optimizing for RankBrain

1 Optimizing for RankBrain by: Dan Jeffers In our main article, here, we discussed how RankBrain went from being a pilot project to becoming one of the primary ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. Now let’s talk about the implications for SEO of this takeover by an artificial intelligence of humankind’s most-used search tool. Whenever a […]