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Find Out Who is Using Bang With Friends: Why it’s Hard to Stay Anonymous Online

Find Out Who is Using Bang With Friends: Why it’s Hard to Stay Anonymous Online

By: Daniel Jeffers - Search Engine Optimization - 2014

The Facebook app called "BangWithFriends" seems to offer people a way to anonymously check around to see who might be available. The app only reveals your interest in someone if they have interest in you. But...

Remember when you could edit Wikipedia anonymously? You could add positive material about your company and pretend it came from some neutral source. Or, you could add unflattering information about competitors, or whatever. Then some guy built an app called "Wikiscanner" that disclosed the IP address of anyone who edited the online encyclopedia.

Another infamous case of an anonymous poster who was outed to much embarrassement was the CEO of Whole Foods, John McKay, who posted for seven years under a psuedonym, praising his company and trashing competitors.

Even supposedly smart hackers are sometimes tripped up by the many different ways in which data reveals thing online. The FBI was able to track down a hacker who was part of Anonymous after he posted a picture of his girlfriend online, and the picture included EXIF data that revealed his location.

Getting back to BangWithFriends, do you know which of your Facebook friends play Farmville? Do you care? If you are logged into Facebook, click on this link and you'll find out. I won't provide a link, (and I have not searched my own friends for this), but you can do the same thing for any Facebook app, including BangWithFriends. This isn't exactly a Facebook privacy issue, using Facebook apps has always been a shared activity--and Facebook intends it to be that way. But it is another example showing that our sense of being anonymous online may be an illusion.