Affinity Labs case study


The Affinity Lab was the original co-working space in Washington DC. It expanded from a small space in Adams Morgan to a larger place with over 100 members on U Street. It was successful for nearly 15 years before losing its lease in 2014. We worked out of Affinity Labs from 2011 through 2013 and continued to be part of the community afterwards.


From February through October of 2012, the Affinity Lab website received almost no traffic. For awhile this slipped through the cracks because nobody was actively monitoring the analytics. However, the drop was impacting the flow of potential new members to the point that we finally questioned how well the website was performing. We went to the management with our concerns, and it was discovered that the website was not getting any traffic.


We did an audit and discovered several crawl problems, including robots.txt files being used improperly. We corrected these issues and provided optimization guidelines for future content. We also cross-promoted content with member websites to produce several large surges in traffic along with solid continuing performance.


The website returned to its place as part of the overall marketing process for Affinity Lab, and traffic returned to a higher level. We also received more responses from our cross-promoted content. However, the Lab itself was unable to compete with the new wave of co-working spaces coming into the city in the 2014–2015 timeframe and was eventually forced to close.