First tittle services


A national title service company that provides title and escrow services nationwide to the mortgage industry. The company has been in business since 1997 and provides state based services in all 50 states. They focus on technology and consider themselves a very forward thinking leader in the field.


Although their website was receiving some traffic on a national basis, their business strategy required high rankings for searches in each individual state for people looking for services in their own location. They also wanted better rankings for some major industry terms and services.


We optimized the content on the existing website for the services and products they specialize in and used some geolocating features on wordpress to offer a localized content for searches on each state, without triggering duplication penalties from the search engines. We provided recommendations for the domain name and URL structure as well as an internal linking strategy.


The primary search phrases such as “first title services” and “national title service” still appear on the top page when accompanied by any of the 50 states, this is also true when just putting “[state name] title service.”