Insight Telepsychiatry


Insight telepsychiatry was a long-time provider of behavioral health services that expanded to become an online provider as well. It has since restructured, moving more of its online capacity into the Inpathy platform.


In 2014 Insight telepsychiatry launched a new website under a new domain name. Though they transferred some content, they lost most to the rankings and traffic they had developed with a previous website. Through referral, they reached out to us and asked for help rebuilding their traffic and obtaining high rankings for important keywords.


We did an audit of the website and found a number of on-page factors that were limiting accessibility. We also changed the re-direct structure from the old site to use 301s for key pages. Then we developed a set of individual page recommendations for titles and tags using our own keyword research.


We quickly restored many of the rankings that had been lost and laid the groundwork for longer-term dominance. Insight has subsequently reorganized their website, combining with Inpathy, but Google still returns them on page one.