WordPress for Business

There is no better time to build your website and be there for your potential clients

by: Dan Jeffers

Why you need online presence 

An online presence is a way to reach and communicate with people who are searching online. Now that people make most of their decisions online, any business without a presence will become more invisible. Your business could be the best thing they found, if only they could find it.

Why social media isn't enough. 

Businesses that reach out using social media and other people’s platforms have gotten many of the benefits. However, this approach can never reach the highest levesl of success because these platforms have too much control over the way your message is displayed and who it reaches. Besides any successful approach is easily duplicated by all the competitors in the field. In order to be really innovative and stand out you need your own platform, your website.




The starting point → research 

As a good business owner you know a lot about your client’s behaviors and decision patterns. Now you need to find out how they behave digitally. By conducting research you can learn how they look for information online, what they respond to and what factors affect their final decisions.


Why wordpress is the right choice 

WP is an open source Content Management System that allows content on websites to be easily added or updated.

A lot of businesses feel the need to compare various content management systems before making a decision. However in most cases the best decision will turn out to be WordPress, and in almost every case, WordPress will not be a bad choice.

These are some of the qualities that make WordPress a great option.

  • Most widely used CMS in the world: Millions of business have found it to be the best tool for their needs.
  • It has the largest community of developers: It is easy to find expertise when you are ready for improvements.
  • Continuous updating and refining: Many issues have been identified and addressed and many opportunities have been explored resulting in a much perfected system
  • Huge library of plugins and themes: The is a huge range of functionality options that can be added to any wordpress site, making it easy to modify the website with new features.  
  • Easy customization and configuration: you can make the website look and act however you need it to do, it can always stand out from others.
  • Standardization: WordPress website can be worked on by anybody with an understanding of a wordpress system. You should never be locked to your original developers.

Natural process of site building -- from small to large

You want to start building your website now, but you also plan to grow, to change. One reason small business owners put off getting started on this critical step may be time and resources, but just as often it is a fear that they will create something that will be outdated within a short time.

Our approach is to create something that will grow and change along with your business. The content created will be placed into an information architecture that manages the timeliness and relevancy. Because we use a state-of-the-art content management system, redesigning and updating the website can be done without destroying all the existing relationships between the content created.

Some of the content categories will be created with clear paths to accelerate as the website grows, becoming more prominent as these content types become more critical to your business.

Data based decisions

Many websites, including some of your competitors no doubt, are built on a combination of instinct, superstition, and imitation. This works well enough when competition is minimal and expectations are low. But if you want to be really successful, and want to compete against your healthier competitors, data-based decisions are the way to go. We will help you measure what really works and what just looks good while doing nothing, and we will help you reallocate your resources into the efforts that provide the best return.


Why you should let us do it → Follow our web content strategy process

There are a lot of wordpress developers out there, but if you are a business that wants to win you need your website to be part of a powerful web content strategy. You want research-based, data-driven success, not just a pretty online brochure that nobody can find. We have years of experience and a powerful process that produces results, and we are happy to work with you at a price that is very competitive.

Why you can’t wait

Most businesses start by losing money. Gradually they get to an equilibrium, then finally pull ahead to the point that they are making more than they spend to stay afloat. It’s tempting to put off expenses until you are making more money, but the truth is with certain types of expenditures you are also delaying that point where you are making more money than you spend. Building your website definitely falls into this category. The sooner you start, the sooner you can pay off not only the website costs, but most of your other costs as well. Let’s say you get your product prepared and are ready to sell. The product doesn’t make you any money until you do so, though. You still have to create the marketing tools. On the other hand, if your website is ready first, you can start marketing and build excitement, buzz, even make pre-sales while you are still finishing up the product. It makes more business sense to get the website done as one of your first priorities.